somethingaboutdaftpunk asked:
No words for your art... It's flawless. I'm in love with it. Thank you.

Awwww, thanks u///u

dafuto-panku asked:
Feel in love with your Daft Punk art <3 :3

Dawww, thanks :)

niallthetwerkingsunshine asked:
Guy-Man looks so cute in the flower crown!! Keep up with the good work!!

Thanks :D

marie-de-jeune-croix asked:
Manuel's pro-tips are the bomb! Keep it up! :D

Gee, thank you ;> Gotta’ make a new one xD

jetaimeeternity asked:
Love your drawings! <3

Thanks <3

blacklacedpairofsouls asked:
I love your fan art of daft punk :D! They're so beautiful aaaand i LOVE your guy manuel's pro tips :)

Thank you! I’m currently working on new ones :)